Shrink URL and Earn Money

There are tons of ways to make money online like advertising on blogs, doing jobs online and so on. I have found a website that will help you to make money online by URL shrinking.

You are familiar with many URL shrinking tools like, etc. They will help you to shrink your URL but will not pay you single money. Here comes the role of

Image is a free tool that will shrink your URL and pay you for clicking that URL. It will not make millions for you. You will get $4-$6 per 1000 clicks. You know ‘something is better than nothing’. You can place your link on Facebook, Twitter and get paid. This free tool has a referral program too. They will provide you a link and for each link you will get 20% of your earnings for lifetime. If you refer someone who is interested in publishing advertisement you will get 5% of total money they invested in advertising (Oh did I tell you has cheap advertising programs which will bring quality traffic to your website? It has cheap plans like $5\10000 visitors.) has many tools that will help you in shrinking. It has a mass shrinking tool which will shrink 20 links at a time, a script to convert all the links in your blog to, ability to track stats in Google Analytics etc.

You can withdraw your money when it reaches a minimum of $5. There are many options to receive payment like PayPal, Pioneer etc. You can log in using your Facebook account or creating an account on Signup and start enjoying.


I am a blogger who generally write articles about technology, mobile reviews, social media news etc.

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