Automatically Add Words As You Type

You are very familiar with the autocorrect option of Microsoft that helps you to correct your grammar and spelling mistakes. Today, I have found across the web a simple application that helps you to write words or phrases simply by entering shortcuts named ‘Word Expander’.

Word Expander increases your typing speed and thus increases productivity. This application not only helps you to assign shortcuts to words, but also helps you to add an auto correction library. You can then use the shortcuts to type on anywhere including word processing applications like Microsoft Word, simple text editors like Notepad, and on writing fields in web browsers including the email fields.

You can add any word on Word Expander. To do this:

  • Go to phrases in Word Expander.
  • Click the new phrase
  • Add your word and shortcut and press enter.

You can also download libraries regarding medical terms from the official website of Word Expander. You can also export and import your libraries. You can add the misspelled words and correction in autocorrect library. The application will correct the misspelled words automatically.

You can download the application here.

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